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LinkedIn recommendations: Master it in minutes

April 12, 2023

LinkedIn has become a key tool for doing business. Research has found that 8 people are hired via the platform every minute, and 96% of B2B marketers make use of the platform for social marketing. 

As such, LinkedIn is a place where business people can support each other – to help each other grow. There are common ways to do that, by following, sharing, and commenting on their posts to boost them. But, there’s another way – LinkedIn recommendations. 

A LinkedIn recommendation can be the factor that gets somebody a client, the element that gets somebody to choose you. So, it’s a good idea to write them for others (and to encourage your clients to fill some in for you).


Why are LinkedIn recommendations important? 

As I mentioned above, LinkedIn endorsements can be a door to opportunity. But why? Well, there are many reasons.

Hiring managers and recruiters are scouring the platform, as are major decision-makers in companies. In other words, the people who are looking for vendors, freelancers, and services are all online, searching. 

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation for somebody serves as proof of their capabilities and credibility. It provides background and insight – to decision-makers – that they can’t get anywhere else. It’s like a look behind the curtain. 

In addition, it proves that you bring experience to the table and it adds authenticity to what you’re putting out there.


Who you could write endorsements for: 

Everyone can benefit from these recommendations. You could write them for: 

  • Coworkers 
  • Managers 
  • Mentors 
  • Clients 
  • Vendors 
  • Service Providers (like me)

Providing them for clients (as I would do you for you!) comes with an extra benefit – as it positively adds to their experience with you and will likely result in them returning the favor. So, it benefits you in the end too!


How to write a LinkedIn recommendation:
7 tips (with examples) 

Most of us can write a formal recommendation – but LinkedIn recommendations have only been in existence since the early 2010s. If you’re unsure of how to go about it follow these tips!


1. Start out strong

Start your recommendation with an attention grabber. Beginning in this way will entice the viewer to read more. However, remember that not everyone needs to be “your favorite” or “the absolute best”. You can keep it positive without going overboard. 

For example, say something like “Emma is truly gifted at what she does”, or “Billy’s efficiency makes him stand out from the rest”

A great first line is what catches the reader. If there’s one thing you want to focus on – make it this. 


2. Explain your working relationship 

Of course, for the reader to understand where you’re coming from and the context of what you’re saying – you need to provide some background. 

Talk about how you came into contact with each other, how long you worked together, what the working relationship was, and what you worked on together. 

You should ensure you’re giving the necessary details to show that you have the authority to be providing this recommendation. However, be sure to not bore people with too much information. Try to keep this under 10 words if possible. For example, “We worked on a branding project in 2022”


3. Share their outstanding qualities 

Think back on your time working together. Was there something they did that stood out? If so, be sure to mention it. These additions add to the quality and authenticity of the LinkedIn recommendation – it makes it personal. 

Some personality traits that people like to see are: 

  • Calmly handling tough criticism/difficult clients 
  • Easily juggling multiple projects 
  • Smoothly managing resources 
  • Brilliant problem-solving skills


Think of characteristics that are different – not too obvious.


4. Talk about their personality traits 

It’s always good to say something nice. Often, it doesn’t have to be directly related to what they did in their role with you. Instead, it can be something that shows what type of person they are. 

Keep it appropriate of course, but make it personal.

For instance “Bobby’s unique way of thinking always adds a special touch to our projects”. Or, “Farah’s humor makes even the toughest projects fun to do”


5. Describe why working with them was positive 

This is the real selling point. Tell people what made working with them so good. Make sure that it is clear that you are giving your stamp of approval. 

People like to know what they are going to experience. Give them what they want! 

Here are two examples: 

  • Ethan’s skills make the working process seamless. His ability to find ways to fix bugs and create new systems seems second nature. He is a standout solutions architect. 
  • Muhammad’s ability to project manage is what allowed us to roll out without issues. No gap in thinking will get passed him!


Bonus Tips!

6. Avoid long stories 

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation is different from writing traditional recommendations. One thing that differentiates it is its length. 

People don’t go to social media to read essays. They want short, punchy, and to-the-point paragraphs that give them all the information that they need. Try to ensure that your LinkedIn endorsement is concise.


7. Keep away from cliches

There’s nothing like a cliche to make you change your mind about something you wanted. Don’t chase potential clients or employers away with these!

For instance: 

  • Blake is such a bubbly person! Great to be around. 
  • Keisha is great at her job, and her experience and knowledge really show.


Full examples 

To really give you a feel for the flow of good LinkedIn recommendations, I’ve added two examples below. 

Presentation Designer drinking coffeeExample 1

Fatima made my dreams a reality. Together, we tackled the creation of my app in 2020. After I approached her about developing an app for me, she showed so much enthusiasm that I believed in my product more than ever before. Despite all of my difficult functionality requests, she remained calm and always found a way to implement what I needed. Not to mention that she brought even better ideas for functionality to the table – she’s like a fountain of ideas. Working with her was easy, efficient, and encouraging.

Example 2 

Jaden is more than an asset, he is a gem. He was a designer on my team for a year. During that time, he helped to re-imagine our brand’s look and feel, which is a huge task. What makes it even more exceptional is that we work in the legal industry – not exactly the best place to let the creative juices flow. Yet, this did not deter him. He powered through all the red tape and managed to assist in creating a visual brand identity that is attractive to both the higher-ups and the customers. His determination to get things right for everyone truly makes him stand out. 


A quick guide to giving LinkedIn recommendations

Not sure how to give somebody a recommendation? First, note that you can only give recommendations to 1st-degree connections, so you will have to connect first. Once you’ve connected, here’s what to do.  

  • Go to their profile. 
  • Click the More button in the introduction 
  • Select Recommend 
  • Fill in the required details and click Next 
  • Click Send.


Easy as pie! 


Write the right kind of recommendations! 

Giving LinkedIn recommendations is mutually beneficial. Give and you shall receive, right? These tips will make it easy for you to pump them out in minutes. Have a go at it! 

Want to see more of what my clients say about me? Read their testimonials here.


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