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8 Considerations for hiring a presentation designer

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Business Inspiration

woman in black hat standing in front of a blue door into a coffee shop, cropped shoulders to head.

When you’re giving a presentation, your goal is to get people excited and inspired. You need confidence and a great presentation designed to arrive at this outcome. A shabbily created slide deck will likely turn heads – but in the wrong direction. That’s where a freelance presentation designer comes in. While you might already have […]

Mac Desktop computer on a deck looking out onto the street with Linkedin Logo on the screen

LinkedIn recommendations: Master it in minutes

LinkedIn has become a key tool for doing business. Research has found that 8 people are hired via the platform every minute, and 96% of B2B marketers make use of the platform for social marketing.  As such, LinkedIn is a place where business people can support each other – to help each other grow. There […]

Business Inspiration

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6 Must-know Keynote presentation keyboard shortcuts

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Keynote Tips

man and woman in a keynote presentation meeting in a cafe.

Apple users are loyal – refusing to use any other operating system. This user loyalty doesn’t only go for devices, it may go for applications too. For instance, many prefer doing presentations via Keynote, rather than PowerPoint or Google Slide.  Whether you’re a die-hard Keynote presenter, or you’re being asked to use Keynote for a […]

laptop on pink table with pink throw

7 Google Slides presentation shortcuts to make your speech smooth sailing

Google Suite has quickly become the preferred tool for businesses to use – gone are the days of Microsoft supremacy. With this switch, has come a change that some are still getting used to – the swap from PowerPoint to Google Slides. PowerPoint still remains the leading tool for presentations. Despite that, you may want […]

Google Slides Tips

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Keeping it smooth: 6 Keyboard shortcuts for a Knockout Ppt Presentation

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PowerPoint Tips

man presenting in front of audience

Picture this: You’re sitting in a seminar, hoping to be inspired. But, the presenter keeps fumbling with their mouse pad. They’re not making eye contact, and there are copious amounts of awkward silences as they fidget with the slides. It doesn’t sound compelling right? Don’t let this be you! Keep your audience’s attention with a […]

co-working space for presentation meetings

Size does matter: Presentation Space

You’ll find a list of meeting venues, with details about their capabilities and limitations. I’ll give you some tips for each, and explain how to optimize the spaces to ensure your audience experiences something memorable. 

Business Inspiration

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